Boston University's Press Coverage of our 4/20 Show

This recent article from Verge Campus at Boston University highlighted one of our best shows to date. There was an estimated turnout of 150 people, and almost everyone left the show with a Lithic sticker in hand. And yes, it was Friday, 4/20.

We have played almost every show this venue, The Garden of Allston, has organized, and we have been offered a Fall 2018 residency. Our manager is working directly with the venue's promoter to book bands, prepare logistics, and coordinate marketing efforts. We've already secured an in-house audio engineer and a designated merchandise area for the fall. We hope these efforts will put The Garden of Allston on the map as the official hub of underground rock music in the Boston area. Please send all booking inquiries to, or via direct message on Instagram @thegardenofallston

You can read the full article from Verge Campus at Boston University!

Tastemakers Magazine Performance Review and Q&A 

On March 15th, 2017, Tastemaker Magazine highlighted Lithic's recent appearance at a Boston house show. The band has been notoriously present in the city's wild underground rock scene, and this article beautifully captures that which make's Lithic so remarkable. 

These shows are where Lithic thrives, because the crowd is a vibrant ecosystem of young unruly rockers. While these shows may have a capacity of only 100-200 people, they are the handful of people in the Boston area most pre-disposed to care. As sighted in this article, patrons are more than willing to sing along to the band's catchy hooks, and they take this music out into the world to share it with those most interested in fresh, lively rock and roll. Lithic also had a chance to conduct a Q&A with Tastemakers, which addressed the band's vibe, camaraderie, and trajectory. 

You can view the article in Tastemakers Magazine's 47th Issue, Page 27 by clicking here.

KRAM Magazine's Article on

Stone Panunzio and Lithic 

Part of the essence of Lithic is Stone Panunzio, and no article captured this man better than Kram's January 2017 edition. Born and raised in Dade County, Florida, Stone lives the rock & roll life his environment demands. 

Stone brings an unmatched energy to all things Lithic. He is one of the driving forces in Lithic's songwriting, appearance, and clout. Lithic was first formed in Miami, and when Stone came Boston in 2015 to begin his studies at Berklee College of Music, he began searching for new members to carry on the Lithic name. Since then, Juan Peña (Bass), Jack Dinger (Guitar and Vocals), and Marvin Buessau (Drums) joined the band, and Lithic bloomed into something absolutely remarkable. There are no bounds on how far Lithic can grow, and Stone Panunzio will bring the Miami vibe with them to their apex. 

You can view the full article from our website by clicking here!

Show and Interview at the

Middle East Downstairs

Lithic decided to kick off the month of March in 2018 by closing a multi-band rock bill at the Middle East Downstairs. This show was organized by WEMF, a local radio station known for supporting local rock, and organizing shows for all of the venues at the Middle East. 

While Lithic typically plays house shows, this gig at the Middle East was an excellent stepping stone for the band. The house was packed, the other bands were stellar, and Lithic's whole performance was shared on Facebook Live. The band also had a chance to sit down with Owen Murray from Emerson College for a brief interview.


You can read the whole transcript from our website here! 

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