Juan Peña

Originally from Bogotá Colombia, Juan started his first band in middle school. He sunk his electric bass roots into rock and metal music. By the time he was in high school, he knew that he was going to pursue music, professionally. It was at this time that he enrolled at a music academy in Bogotá, where he was exposed to many different genres. Soon, he received his acceptance letter from Berklee College of Music, at which he met Marvin, Jack and Stone to form Lithic.


Now in his last year at Berklee, Juan has already developed many talents, including music production, composition and arranging. Over the years of playing with Lithic, he has honed his skills as an energetic performer and powerful rock bassist. At the college, he has had the chance to work with a large variety of musicians of many musical backgrounds, like rock, latin, funk, metal, pop and more.


The great chemistry of Lithic wouldn’t be the same without the latino spice that is Juan David Peña Polania. To summarize, Juan is a diverse and driven musician who is destined to accomplish much in the music industry and beyond. 

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