Middle East Interview

With Owen Murray of Emerson College

March 2018

OM: So can you guys start by introducing yourself and the band?


SP: Hi, my name is Stone Panunzio

JD: And I’m Jack Dinger

JP: I’m Juan David Peña Polania

MB: I’m Marvin Buessau

SP: And, uh, we’re Lithic!

JD: We’re fuckin’ Lithic.


OM: So what has been your experience with the Middle East?


SP: We’ve been a Boston band for a while and a lot of our peers have had the really awesome opportunity to play here. Thankfully, we’ve had the opportunity to play here a few times. Tonight was the first time we got to grace the Middle East Downstairs . . . for four songs and five minutes.


JD: Yeah, they cut us off short tonight ‘cause the first band played a little over, but that’s alright. We had a really lit first four songs. It was pretty loud.


JP: Yeah, it was pretty loud, but it was cool. I like playing loud, I guess.


SP: Thankfully we’re a loud-ish band, I guess. Right?!


OM: Have you guys seen a lot of shows at the Middle East?


JD: Yeah! We’ve been to a bunch of shows here.


SP: I know our buddies Self Portraits have played here, and our buddies in The Cotones have played here. We’ve come a lot to support the local sound. I haven’t really seen famous bands here, per se, but I’ve spent a lot of time helping my friends out and watching their bands play. I’ve actually seen some pretty amazing local acts, you know? Like, everyone tonight was really great, and it was just really nice to be apart of this whole thing.


JD: Another band that played here that really lit it up was Harry Jay & the Bling. Shout out to those dudes. We’ll probably be playing a show with them in a couple months.


JP: I came here about a year or two ago and I saw one of my favorite bands. They’re called the Main Squeeze and I loved the show. It was an amazing show. Two or three weeks ago I also came here and played with another band opening for a Venezuelan artist, which was pretty cool as well.


MB: I’ve mostly seen people I know. I like to come out and support my friends.


OM: So all of you guys go to Berklee?


JD: Yeah, we’re all Berklee students . . . we’re all in debt. Berklee’s been great man! That’s how we all met actually, so we owe Berklee a great debt.


SP: On top of the already existing debt.


JP: Actually, Jack and I were roommates our first two semesters. I came here directly from Colombia, and since our first semester we’ve just been playing. It keeps getting better and better. We keep knowing each other musically more and more. So on stage we have this chemistry that other people see as well. I play a lot with him, and not just rock. We try to play a lot of things. It’s that chemistry, in my opinion, that makes the show awesome.


OM: So is there anything you guys would like to say to close it out?


JD: Yeah! We have a music video coming out next month. The song is called “Get Out of My Head”. We have one single which you can find on Spotify, Apple Music, & everywhere on the internet. That song is called “I Don’t Know”. There’s four or five songs coming soon. By this summer, we’ll have several singles released.


JP: We’re working on recording more material, and we’re still working on making the material that’s already recorded until it makes us happy. It’ll be coming shortly. It’ll be great. I’m excited about it. The music video is looking awesome, and I’m just so excited to share it with everyone.


SP: How do I follow that? Give us a follow on Facebook or Instagram. If you guys see us in the streets, come say “Hi”. We’d love to say hello and just drink and party and have a good time.